How to Become an Authorized CBDDY™ CBD Retailer

Do you sell CBDDY CBD products and want to know how to go about getting your store listed on the map on our site?

If you are reading this then I assume that is the case. So, first off I would like to thank you for being interested in carrying our brand. It's an honor. We will tell you exactly how to get your store listed on the store locator at

First off, not every wholesale customer gets listed as an authorized Become a CBD Retailer retailer. We only list those who agree to sell all three strengths of our oil and have purchased all three directly from us. Even this is a small minimal wholesale order. 1 Case of each Read More strength. When you do this, we will How to become an authorized CBDDY Retailer match your order and send you two cases of each strength oil. You show us your serious and we'll take you serious and list you as an authorized retailer. We have customers in every state of the US and in 13 other countries. Many of these would love to be able to walk into your store and not wait for shipping. ALthough Read More fast, nothing beats the in person experience. Become a CBD Retailer Get started with sixty bottles of cbd oil for just

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